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We’re convinced that challenging the industry’s status quo leads to extraordinary change. By doing what everyone else does, you don’t innovate. Extraordinary optimizing without compromising. We strive for extraordinary yet tailored mobility solutions that challenge the status quo.


Challenging with 1 aim: providing heartbeats unlike anything else. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just made it look fucking awesome.

Purpose design

It’s cutting edge without cutting any edges. Driven by our own convictions on how mobility should evolve, we think and rethink about the best solution. Why? Because we drive heartbeats. Looking at it is thrilling, imagine riding it. Tanks look cool but have you ever tried taking swift corners with it? The unique aerodynamics on the Specter 1 provides the best energy-efficiency ratio in the market: we don’t cut corners so you can.


Stay truthful to the core

We love bicycles. We love motorcycles. We hate compromises however. When designing and manufacturing we always keep in mind what we want to craft: an extraordinary s-pedelec. So to stand out versus the competition we focus on agility and handling. With the unique lightness, fully automated gear system and perfect weight distribution the Specter 1 guarantees a handling unlike any s-pedelec around.


Yes, we’re proud to claim that we make fast bikes instead of slow motorcycles.


Good is the enemy of great.

We always strive to challenge the industry codes. And to outperform the competition. That’s why we produce locally. But we don’t assemble a melting pot of components: we design and build our components and software ourselves, without any compromise. And carbon fibre doesn’t deserve cardboard so we provide a personal delivery, because we care as much as you do.

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