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Rethink the
speed pedelec.

From drivetrain to cockpit. Specter combines exceptional design with unrivalled connectivity in the best handling and performing speed pedelecs.

Configure your bike

We let the design speak for itself.

Time to face the facts about the Specter 1.
Min. weight
19,8 kg
Top speed
45 km/h
Max power
1.200 W
Max torque
136 Nm

On a mission to redefine mobility.

At Specter, we do everything we can to make your commute faster, more enjoyable, and more beautiful. We achieve this by thinking outside the box with great attention to design. From the innovative propulsion system with 1 or 2 motors to the 4G-connected cockpit, we chart our own course.

Locally developed and built

Specter develops the majority of its components in-house. As a result, you won't find our display or components on another bicycle quickly. Additionally, all Specters are built in Flanders, Belgium.

Unlock the power of carbon fibre.

We gain a 15% increase in aerodynamic efficiency.


Exactly the shape we want it to be.


Unprecedented riding dynamics and maneuverability.

A cockpit worthy of the name.

Thanks to the built-in 4G connection, the Specter is always connected and automatically up to date. With the built-in HD display, you have all the information at a glance.

Spotify integration
Turn by turn navigation
Weather forecast
Live wind information
Speed limit info
Rear sensing radar*
Remote updates over 4G
Manual/automatic gears
*only with an optional Garmin Varia

Seamlessly syncs with your smartphone.

With the accompanying app, you can track your bike, set up navigation, and adjust vehicle parameters. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Comfort where it matters.

The optional Specter Flybridge is our integrated suspended seatpost with 35mm of active travel. For superior ride comfort while maintaining laser focussed handling

Choose your racer.

Mile muncher or playful S-Pedelec? Ultimate performance or the lowest weight? The choice is yours.

Specter 1

Starting at € 8.990 or € 276/month with financing
The lightest speed pedelec on the market. For ultimate maneuverability and an intuitive mid-drive motor.
Min. weight
19,8 kg
Average range
55 km
Top speed
45 km/h
730W - 110 Nm*, mid-drive motor with belt drive.

The automatic gears have both a cadence and ratio mode, electronically controlled.

*Peak power, 550W continuous power.
750Wh - removable for charging.
4,5h with 3A charger.

Specter 1: Long Range

Starting at € 10.690 or € 328/month with financing
A thoroughbred commuter with a focus on long distances at high cruising speeds in all conditions.
Min. weight
26,2 kg
Average range
80 km
Top speed
45 km/h
1200W - 136 Nm*, Dual motor with belt drive.

Thanks to the intelligent motor management, both motors are continuously utilized optimally. The mid-motor for acceleration and intuitive feel, the hub motor for high cruising speed.

The automatic gears have both a cadence and ratio mode, electronically controlled.

*Peak power, 950W continuous power.
1200Wh - non removable
7h with 3A charger
5,5h with 4A charger

All Specter bike features

TRP 4 piston disc brakes.
Integrated saddle suspension
Led running and high beam lights
Electronic shifting
Gates Belt Drive.
Integrated cockpit with navigation and more

Designed and built in Flanders, Belgium.

Specter is a Belgian manufacturer with a factory in Wondelgem, Belgium. We develop our own electronics, software, and hardware. As a result, we can chart our own course and are not dependent on traditional players.