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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find additional information about Specter and our models.

In Ghent, Belgium.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory in some markets (All European countries).

All Specter bikes come with a 2-year factory warranty.

The use of carbon fiber has several advantages, but here are the main ones:

  • Reduced weight improves maneuverability (handling and mobility).
  • Freedom of form, beneficial for aerodynamics and design.
  • Comfort. Carbon fiber is exceptionally strong in one direction but can also be flexible in another. This provides a Specter with a stiff frame in terms of torsion (the feeling while steering) while remaining flexible in the horizontal direction (providing a kind of damping/suspension).

Specter 1: 4h

Specter 1 Long Range: 7,5h

No, the cockpit is fully integrated into the handlebar. You don't need to mount a phone on your handlebars. All functions are available. The screen is also completely weatherproof.

Yes, that can be installed as an option. Ortlieb bags fit here.

The luggage rack has a maximum load capacity of 15 kg.

The Specter has a total weight capacity of 110 kg.

Specter uses automotive paint color codes. In principle, we need the color code or the name of the color and the year. You can also choose any RAL color, matte or glossy.

Your business logos can be applied beneath the varnish on your Specter. Please check the "paint to sample" option and send us the Specter files.

Yes, you must be at least 16 years old and possess a driving license AM (moped 45 km/h), license A1, A2, or A (motorcycle), or license B (car).

If pedal assistance is maintained, even at speeds above 25 km/h, no special insurance is required. Family liability insurance (Third-party liability) is sufficient. "Omnium" (all risk) is also possible.

This depends on local regulations. In Belgium, it is generally allowed. There is also a special traffic sign (with 'except P') that specifically applies to speed pedelecs.

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