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Warranty policy

This warranty policy applies to all Specter electric bikes sold through our online store and authorized dealers. We strive to deliver high-quality products and stand behind the quality and reliability of our bikes. To ensure your satisfaction and confidence, we offer the following warranty policy:

1. Warranty Period

We provide a statutory warranty of 2 years on all Specter electric bikes. This warranty period starts from the date of purchase. Within this period, we will repair any manufacturing defects or defects free of charge or replace the product at our own discretion.

2. Warranty Coverage

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and defects that occur during normal use of the electric bike. This includes defects in the frame, motor, battery, electronic components, and other essential parts. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage due to improper use, accidents, negligence, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized repairs, or external causes.

3. Warranty Procedure

If you encounter an issue with your Specter electric bike within the warranty period, we recommend contacting the dealer where you purchased the bike or contacting us directly through our customer service. We will work together to resolve the issue and provide you with instructions for repair, replacement, or any other necessary steps.

4. Proof of Purchase

To claim warranty service, you must provide a valid proof of purchase, such as a purchase receipt or invoice. Please make sure to keep these documents in a safe place.

5. Costs and Exclusions

Within the warranty period, any repairs or replacements are free of charge, including labor and parts. However, any shipping costs or other additional costs may be your responsibility. Additionally, damage due to improper use, negligence, or unauthorized modifications is not covered by the warranty.

6. Transferability of Warranty

This warranty is transferable to subsequent owners of the Specter electric bike within the 2-year warranty period.

7. Additional Legal Rights

This warranty policy does not affect any additional legal rights you may have under consumer protection laws in your jurisdiction.

We strive to handle warranty claims quickly and efficiently and provide you with the best possible support. If you have any further questions about our warranty policy, please feel free to contact us through our customer service at