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We haven't reinvented the wheel, we just made it better.

Striving for perfection without any compromise.
Thoughtful design

Looks great, drives even better.

No compromise

Customized to make a difference.


A constant focus on perfection and reinvention.


Seeing things from a different perspective. That's how we approach everything at Specter. We strive for exceptional mobility solutions that feel tailor-made. That's why we leave nothing to chance and scrutinize every detail of our bicycles.

Good is the enemy of great.

Developing, rethinking, discarding, starting over. Until every detail is right and harmonized with each other. Standing still is going backward. It's a cliché. But one that keeps us sharp every day. So that you can move forward.

Made in Belgium.

All Specter models are meticulously assembled and finished to the smallest detail at our headquarters in Wondelgem, Ghent. We don't use a mishmash of components; we design and develop everything ourselves. No off-the-shelf solutions, but customized craftsmanship that truly works. That's the only way we make a difference.

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